7th Grade Math Worksheets

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Home Learning – It is a lot easier to teach your child or to help them with school homework if they have had experience of learning in the home. Very often moms teach their children a lot of skills without actually realising that the fun they are having is a great way for a child to learn. Silly games like spotting the number of red cars while out on a shopping trip or playing about with words by making up silly rhymes all contribute to your child’s education. The point is that you can still carry on with this type of learning activity and it will be a lot easier to incorporate printable worksheets into the fun and get your child working on them. Children love to draw and color and cut and paste so you can use this pleasure in a number of ways to make working on printable worksheets more enjoyable.

There are many types of worksheets you can use as a teaching aid. First is coloring pages. This is good in teaching kids the different colors and their names, and the proper way to color. With First Crafts, kids learn how to make simple crafts and enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

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The learning should be fun. It should not feel like work, but play. For otherwise, children will quickly get bored. Hence it would be a good idea to use a lot of interesting activities, games, coloring sheets, illustrated kindergarten worksheets etc. You should be well prepared with these teaching aids, which can be made very easily.

Another favorite pastime was what I liked to call ” Treasure Hunt” or ”Clues.” For the younger children, I used pictures of familiar places or objects in the house. One clue, or location led to another until the prize was found. As their skills improved, the pictures became words and then word puzzles. The treasure at the end of the hunt might be a small treat or just an everyday object to be hidden again. It was especially rewarding to see the older children take on the job of planning the hunt and creating the clues for their younger siblings as time passed.

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