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There are many types of worksheets you can use as a teaching aid. First is coloring pages. This is good in teaching kids the different colors and their names, and the proper way to color. With First Crafts, kids learn how to make simple crafts and enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

Writing worksheet is a new way for creation of a document by the teachers to promote the development of the writing skills amongst children. These worksheets are used primarily by teachers and parents. It is an effectual tool for assisting children to know the basic tactics to write.

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In addition to their pre schooling they give their children a chance to explore the world of art and music. It has been observed that most children who learn music lessons such as piano, violin, guitar and even voice culturing proved to be smarter than those who didn’t. Parents believe that if a child practices everything, he will be able to do many things when he grows up.

Good Parenting at preschool stage of toddlers – A good parenting must consider the understanding about the preschool period of child. According to studies, preschool period of child’s life cycle is vital to convey awareness. In every country, children often start school when they are just three years old and spend two years in the preschool or kindergarten section of the school before they start Year 1 – first grade – at the age of five or six. When it comes to learning, parents can help with number awareness – being able to recite from one to 10 is not the same as understanding the value and place of numbers. Talk to your child about quantities, for example, five is bigger than two. Concentrate on counting; playing dominoes and simple board games, such as Snakes and Ladders, will teach children how to count while making it fun.

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