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These online materials are readily downloadable and can be printed for use. And the good thing about this is that you can produce as many copies as you want, until your kid learns and perfect the craft of writing.

Shape your child the way you want – If you want your child to be a good speaker, you must always read and speak to him. If you want him to be a musician or a simply a music lover, sing to him or let him listen to music. Hugs and touches together with words of ”I love you” can make him a loving person. The more new things he will be exposed to, the more he will learn. Developing other skills require variety of different stimuli. Though your child may not necessarily be a genius but pre-schooling him means preparing his mind and equipping him with the tools he needed when he goes to school.

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We didn’t have fancy clothes, a different pair of shoes for everyday of the week or lots of expensive toys, but our bills were paid and our needs were met. It was important to me to not use television as a babysitter so it did take a little imagination and innovation on the indoor days to avoid the troubles and ”bickering” (as my mother used to call it) brought on by tedium and boredom.

Good Parenting at preschool stage of toddlers – A good parenting must consider the understanding about the preschool period of child. According to studies, preschool period of child’s life cycle is vital to convey awareness. In every country, children often start school when they are just three years old and spend two years in the preschool or kindergarten section of the school before they start Year 1 – first grade – at the age of five or six. When it comes to learning, parents can help with number awareness – being able to recite from one to 10 is not the same as understanding the value and place of numbers. Talk to your child about quantities, for example, five is bigger than two. Concentrate on counting; playing dominoes and simple board games, such as Snakes and Ladders, will teach children how to count while making it fun.

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