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At a young age, kids are first taught to write letters in print only. When kids reach the age of eight to ten, they are taught how to write in cursive. They may find this quite difficult and boring at first. But one fun way to teach them this is to use worksheets also.

These online materials are readily downloadable and can be printed for use. And the good thing about this is that you can produce as many copies as you want, until your kid learns and perfect the craft of writing.

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One of our favorite activities, though, involved a simple ingredient from the kitchen and a little liquid. I’m sure a chemist would have some sort of molecular explanation for what happened when we mixed cornstarch with water, but all we knew is that is was mesmerizing. Cornstarch by itself is incredibly smooth and dry, but not so interesting. Add a little water and it becomes a fluid liquid that can be shaped, stacked drip by drip or molded to a form. Watch it for a moment and it magically transforms back into a puddle. We all know children like to feel things with their hands; cornstarch with water provides a safe, affordable and easy to clean substance that even adults will want to touch.

We must be patient to teach them depending on their ability and pace. Taking into consideration the fact that playing is a kid’s natural way can help them to develop their healthy emotional up building. Being playful is a normal stage in a kid’s life. It can help stimulate their creativity and develop moral, mental and emotional skills. Therefore nurturing our child means giving them chance to explore and discover the things they enjoy.

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