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There are also teachers who use these kinds of techniques to teach in a more animated manner. The idea is to keep children interested because without their attention, it is difficult to make them absorb what you are trying to teach.

There are many types of writing worksheets. There is the cursive writing worksheets and the kindergarten worksheets. The latter is more on letter writing and number writing. This is typically given to kids of aged four to seven to first teach them how to write. Through these worksheets, they learn muscle control in their fingers and wrist by repeatedly following the strokes of writing each letter.

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The learning should be real-worldly. It is easiest to learn and remember when whatever is learned is immediately applied to a practical, real-life situation. You should use every opportunity to teach and regularly reinforce basic concepts taught, in real-life and in real-time. For instance, during snack-time, if a child is eating a biscuit, you can say – ’B’ for ’biscuit’. While waiting for a school van, you can say – ’V’ for ’Van’ and so on.

We didn’t have fancy clothes, a different pair of shoes for everyday of the week or lots of expensive toys, but our bills were paid and our needs were met. It was important to me to not use television as a babysitter so it did take a little imagination and innovation on the indoor days to avoid the troubles and ”bickering” (as my mother used to call it) brought on by tedium and boredom.

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