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At a young age, kids are first taught to write letters in print only. When kids reach the age of eight to ten, they are taught how to write in cursive. They may find this quite difficult and boring at first. But one fun way to teach them this is to use worksheets also.

Other activities for kindergarten include jigsaw puzzles. There are also worksheets that teach children about some biblical characters, and how to help a community. These activities are not limited to individual work. There are also worksheets that require a group effort to finish the task. This way, children learn to work in a team. This is a very effective group activity in helping them realize the importance of cooperation and teamwork.

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Another favorite pastime was what I liked to call ” Treasure Hunt” or ”Clues.” For the younger children, I used pictures of familiar places or objects in the house. One clue, or location led to another until the prize was found. As their skills improved, the pictures became words and then word puzzles. The treasure at the end of the hunt might be a small treat or just an everyday object to be hidden again. It was especially rewarding to see the older children take on the job of planning the hunt and creating the clues for their younger siblings as time passed.

Another thing to bear in mind when we teach our preschoolers is that we must strive to be sensitive, discerning and empathetic towards the learning capacity of our children. Balance and moderation is necessary in order to help our children reach their full potential. Pushing too hard and too fast wouldn’t be a good idea if we would like our child to be developed the proper way.

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