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Between the ages of 3 and 6 years, your child is capable of learning and absorbing more information than you can imagine. Advance his training with the use of preschool worksheets. These are very powerful tools to stimulate your child’s brain. Yes visual aids are worth more than a thousand words. Visuals may include, preschool toys and work books that contain the concept of literacy. Find preschool worksheets that introduce alphabets, sounds, numbers, counting, shapes, colors, dot to dot drawing, coloring in and cutting out activities.

Shape your child the way you want – If you want your child to be a good speaker, you must always read and speak to him. If you want him to be a musician or a simply a music lover, sing to him or let him listen to music. Hugs and touches together with words of ”I love you” can make him a loving person. The more new things he will be exposed to, the more he will learn. Developing other skills require variety of different stimuli. Though your child may not necessarily be a genius but pre-schooling him means preparing his mind and equipping him with the tools he needed when he goes to school.

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The learning should be real-worldly. It is easiest to learn and remember when whatever is learned is immediately applied to a practical, real-life situation. You should use every opportunity to teach and regularly reinforce basic concepts taught, in real-life and in real-time. For instance, during snack-time, if a child is eating a biscuit, you can say – ’B’ for ’biscuit’. While waiting for a school van, you can say – ’V’ for ’Van’ and so on.

How the child was nurtured – Knowledge, exposures and the experiences of the child in his early years influence how his brain develops. That’s the reason why parents send their children to day care schools though others prefer pre schooling them at home which is more practical and cheaper. Either of the both can be a good start for a child to be nurtured and develop.

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