Word Problems Worksheets

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Other activities for kindergarten include jigsaw puzzles. There are also worksheets that teach children about some biblical characters, and how to help a community. These activities are not limited to individual work. There are also worksheets that require a group effort to finish the task. This way, children learn to work in a team. This is a very effective group activity in helping them realize the importance of cooperation and teamwork.

There are also teachers who use these kinds of techniques to teach in a more animated manner. The idea is to keep children interested because without their attention, it is difficult to make them absorb what you are trying to teach.

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Luckily I had lots of resources for ideas so having fun with the kids on a budget was never a problem. Before the days of in-home computers, we had the library, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School curriculum and the occasional leftover worksheets and coloring pages from classrooms at years end. Crayons, scissors and paste went a long way back then.

Fun activity-how to draw activity – Draw images of alphabets, animals, cartoons, numbers, leaves, etc. is another way to impart understanding within a kid of various living or non living things on the earth. It invokes the imagination within a kid; make use of paper and vibrant colors to start such drawing activities with your kids and make sure you occupy an outdoor location such as gardens, roofs, or terrace etc.

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